Policies and procedures

  1. Equality & Inclusion
  2. Access Arrangements:  BYST will register the learner and share the user id and password to the same to access Mentor Online Course. On completion of training the learners are required to pass the online assessments presented to them. The total passing score should be 50%. The result can be accessed through the LMS reporting system.                             

    Equal Opportunities: Our course is meant for any individual from any section of the society, irrespective of age, gender, disability, nationality, religion, who wants to volunteer their services as a mentor to hand- hold and guide potential entrepreneur.

  3. Health & Safety (during classroom MOL)
    • Learners’ responsibility to act immediately upon discovering or receiving a report of a workplace hazard; to rectify or otherwise make the situation safe
    • Training coordinator will reach venue before 60 min of MOL to supervise entry of candidates
    • All candidates will be supervised by training coordinator on rotational basis with support of trainer and officials
    • Coordinator is committed to positive behavior management and good order among students. Misconduct in classroom will be dealt by BYST officials
    • Bullying in all its forms (gestures, verbal, physical, exclusion and extortion) will not be tolerated and candidates will be made aware of the need to report such incidents.
    • All movement within the training premises is at walking pac
    • To avoid risk of injury to the wearer and to others, do not carry items of jewelry / expensive ornaments, BYST will not be responsible for any loss.
    • Any health problems affecting a candidate should be reported to BYST officials. Immediate medical resources will be provided.

  4. Malpractice

    • Operation director will conduct regular Internal Audits to ensure that there is no any malpractice happening at the clusters.
    • Internal audit reports will be submitted to the management twice in a year.

  5. Appeals/Complaints

To initiate the process: 
  • The learner speaks directly with the person concerned (a facilitator or Coordinator) during the classroom learning to resolve the problem, or writes the Operations Director, if unable to speak directly to the person concerned; and While not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that the client lodges the complaint in writing, and, where possible, using the appropriate form.

To investigate the complaint: 

  • Operations Director Acknowledge receipt of the complaint and investigate the matter
  • For complaints regarding assessment, organise remarking or reassessment as necessary;
  • For non-assessment complaints, ensure that the investigation is appropriate to the nature and seriousness of the complaint, calling on external investigators if necessary; and
  • In all cases, the investigation is to be conducted, fairly, openly, and impartially. 

To resolve the complaint:

  • Respond to the client in writing within 21 days of receiving the complaint with results of the investigation;
  • If the complaint requires more than 60 calendar days to resolve, then the client will be notified in writing, including being provided a reason why, and will be notified in writing of the progress every fortnight thereafter until the complaint is resolved;
  • Ensure that results of the investigation include any corrective action necessary to prevent similar complaints and ensure that the changes are implemented 

To finalise the complaint:

  • Update records including the Complaints & Appeals Register.

If you have any questions or comments about this policy please contact us at byst.infotech@cii.in