Training- Smart Training for Enterprise Planning (STEP)

To empower and support youth through a practical and participatory second level intensive training that takes the youth through various helpful steps in converting their idea into a structured business proposition. They gain exposure on the nuances of setting up and running a business with a host of technical and non-technical soft skills imparted to them e.g. managing & retaining employees, statutory requirements etc. The counselling through expert business mentors coupled with the three day intensive training equip them to convert the business idea into a concrete business plan and help them see through the challenges and hurdles and ways to overcome them. They witness real case studies from peers also from grass roots that actually help to build their confidence.

This training can reach out to a large section of the youth population and is conducted both independently and also by partnering with other organisations such as government, vocational training institutes and skill development programmes. This training can be appended to any existing Skills-development course as a first level module that can be added on to the primary skill development courses and it can be customized to address the needs of different sectors like IT, Manufacturing industry, Health care etc.
Prospective entrepreneurs pass through a rigorous process of screening prior to selection.