About us

Who does BYST help?

BYST is keen on working with young people in the age group of 18 - 35, who are either unemployed or underemployed. We invite individuals with sound imaginative business ideas, along with the will and determination to succeed.

Who's backing BYST?

Founding chairman Late JRD Tata
Vice-chairman Late H P Nanda
Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Rahul Bajaj

What makes BYST unique?

We take on applicants without asking for 'Financial Down Payments or Collaterals'. This way we provide them with the all important seed capital as loan, which they can use alone or in conjunction with financing from banks and other financial institutions. The loan is provided at the special interest rate offered to small businesses, by banks.

The most remarkable feature of the Trust is that it provides each client with a Mentor on a one-to-one basis. As mentioned earlier, we follow the 'Guru- Shishya' tradition where the teacher not only teaches, but guides and helps to develop the disciple. The Mentor gives personalized advice, maintains regular contact with the business, monitors progress, and helps in solving problems and in developing business. The interested professionals (Mentors), in turn, get a wide range of first-hand business experience and the satisfaction of helping disadvantaged youth.

What kind of business does BYST help?

BYST supports ventures both in the manufacturing and servicing sector, turning job seekers into job creators. In the last decade, we have supported a wide variety of enterprises; from Doll Making to Desktop Publishing, and Herbal Cosmetics to Hi-Tech Electronics, thereby enabling wealth generation.

How does BYST operate?

Business proposals from potential entrepreneurs are welcome directly or through vocational schools, entrepreneurial training institutions and well established grass root and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). We give assistance to help formulate these proposals. The screening process, done by an Entrepreneur Selection Panel, (ESP), comprises of experts from the industry in marketing, finance, management, etc. On approval of the proposal by them, we provide a whole range of Business Development Services along with a Mentor, who gives guidance until the venture takes off.

Presently BYST is operational in six regions of India - Delhi, Chennai, Rural Haryana, Pune, Hyderabad and Rural Maharashtra. Out of these six regions four regions run the urban programme, while two regions run the rural programme.